Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Access your account - Customer Area

How to identify yourself?

To be able to place an order, you must identify yourself in the "Connection" area at the top right of your screen. Your access parameters are composed of: an email and a password that you defined during your registration.

If you do not have this information, please refer to the FAQs "Create a customer account"

Edit your information

To modify your account information you must be identified (see FAQ How to identify yourself?).
From then on, head to your customer area located at the top right of the "My Account" store. You are now in your personal space, composed of a section on your left "My contact details". By clicking on it, you will find your personal and company information with the possibility of modifying each one of it.
Click on "modify", then in a new window apply the desired changes in the corresponding fields and validate your modifications by clicking on "Save your modifications / Request for modifications".

• Your personal information :
You can instantly change your following personal information:

If you want to change your email, thank you to contact our customer consultants by email or phone. Contact us by phone at +33 (0) 1 41 62 76 44 or via this form

• Your company information
Please note: for modification of company data, your modification request will be sent to our service customer file which will analyze and process it within 72 hours.

Forgot your password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it just by clicking on "Forgot your password?" in the "connection" area at the top right of your screen.

Then enter your email address that you use to identify yourself and click on "Validate".
You will receive an email to reset your password.

Buy an AFNOR Éditions product or solution

How to buy ?

Once you have found the product or service corresponding to your need, choose the language, the format of your choice, the number of users and the options, then click on "ADD TO CART".

When your product is added to the cart, you have the choice between "View your cart" or "Continue shopping". You can return to your basket later by clicking on the "Basket" button at the top right of your page.
Your basket contains all the selected references, the price, the price after discount if applicable, the quantity and the possibility of modifying and / or deleting the article. To validate your basket and access the payment click on "Validate my basket" and let yourself be guided.

The delivery

AFNOR ships the items listed in its catalog within three (3) working days of receiving the order. However, this deadline is given as an indication. For other articles: please consult us.

In case of temporary unavailability of an ordered item (printing standard or foreign standard on order, for example), AFNOR informs the customer of this fact: unless the customer advises otherwise, formulated five (5) working days from from the date of dispatch of the information by AFNOR for remote orders, the order is deemed to be confirmed.
In the event of long-term unavailability (standard under development, standard canceled and not replaced, unknown document, for example), AFNOR informs the customer of this fact: unless the customer advises otherwise, the order is considered canceled.

Available formats

To be as close as possible to your needs, Afnor éditions provides you with several formats for French standards.
Some standards may not yet exist on all of these formats.
1- Digital:
- HTML: interactive summary + search engine + intra-document searches, searchable from your personal space.
- PDF: viewable, printable and downloadable from your personal space.

Redlines Service + Standards Comparator

This service, available in digital format, allows you to view, dynamically, the major changes between the standard in force and its last canceled version.
You can quickly identify additions, deletions or modifications to a text, table, figure and formula.

The Redlines + service is offered in HTML and PDF formats, based on the collection of current French standards and in French.

Your electronic documents

As soon as your payment is validated, access your electronic products in your customer area in the "My products" section. For more information on the customer area, please consult the FAQ "Composition of the customer area".

Your bill

Once you have ordered, your invoice will be sent to you either by:

• postal mail
The processing time for invoicing is 24 hours. The reception deadline depends on your usual postal deadlines.
After payment, you can consult your order form in your personal / customer space in the "My orders" section.

• digital format (email, personal shop space)
This format is accessible for personal purchases or when your company has given its written agreement to benefit from it.
The written request must be made to the following form Please provide a reference email address.
When the invoice is issued, you will receive a link by e-mail allowing you to view and / or download it. You can also access the electronic invoice in your personal area of ​​the online store.
It should be noted that the decision to switch from paper to electronic support then applies to all of the invoices issued for your organization.
Please note this form can only be used to obtain the electronic invoice. Messages sent to this form concerning other matters relating to the Afnor Group will not be processed.

Display compatibility of Internet browsers

Optimal display and performance of the shop

The Afnor standards and publishing products store is compatible with all Internet browsers. However for optimal display and performance, we recommend that you update your browser and use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

I use Internet explorer 10 and I cannot connect / identify myself on my AFNOR customer account

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible, please excuse us for this inconvenience.
In the meantime, you can follow this simple procedure to be able to access your AFNOR client account:
1. Go to
2. Click on the “Tools” tab at the top of your Internet Explorer browser window in the menu bar.
3. Then select “Compatibility display settings”
4. Finally click on “Add” to add the Afnor Éditions store site to Compatibility display.

Composition of the customer area

My advantages

If you benefit from AFNOR preferential commercial conditions, find here the amount of discounts granted for each family of products.

My orders

Find and consult all of your orders placed online on the AFNOR Boutique. You can view and print the details of each order at any time by clicking on the order number.
You will not find in this space your orders placed directly with the sales administration.

My products

It is in this space that all of your electronic products purchased on the Afnor Éditions store are located. They are therefore accessible to you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

In this section you find the last (s) product (s) ordered (s) and you can consult them. It is also here that all of your e-products are archived by category for which you can decide to filter.

Finally, the reader area allows you to access documentary supplements available for some of our works. You just have to copy the identification code appearing in your book on the field "Obtaining code" and to click on "Apply" to download the electronic documents.

Create a customer account

How to create a customer account?

You are coming for the first time to the standards and publishing products shop.
Just click on "Register" in the "connection" area at the top right of your screen, and let yourself be guided.

We suggest that you register:
• As an individual: you buy for your own account, outside of a professional framework.
• For your company: you buy a product on behalf of your company.
If you wish to register for your company, please refer to the following FAQ.

At the end of registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to click to confirm your registration. Do not hesitate to check your spam if you do not receive this email.

How to create a personal profile linked to a company?

Click on "connection" at the top right of your screen, and choose "Create an account", then "You identify yourself under your company".
Fill in the requested fields, then when you reach the "Company" field of professional information, we will search your company in our database to check if it is already listed there.
To do this, simply type the company name or the siret or the customer code of your company:

If your company is registered with Afnor, you can link your account to that of your company.
In case your company is registered under several subsidiaries / addresses, a list of results will be displayed and you can choose the right one by clicking on "choose".
If it does not exist you can create it by clicking on "Add your company".

Once all the information has been entered, do not forget to click on "Register your registration".

To confirm your connection to the company, a technical check is carried out, in some cases you may be asked for a "company" password. To obtain it, please contact your company or thank you for contacting our customer advisers at: 0141627644 or via this form

Registration for yourself or for your company?

When you create a customer account, you have the choice between two types of identification:
- Personally
This type of registration allows you to buy and use a product for your own account, outside of a professional context. You are for example an individual, a student, ...
-On your company
If you want to order your products on behalf of your company, you can identify yourself under your company and benefit from any special commercial conditions previously defined by AFNOR.

In both cases, you have personal access to the products and services offered by AFNOR éditions and you can manage your account independently.

The Standards and Publishing Products account

The Standards and Publishing Products account allows you to pay for your purchases on the AFNOR Éditions online store using a prepaid account.
Take advantage of all the advantages of this payment method:
- facilitate your purchases of French, foreign and international publications and normative documents;
- control your budget while saving on management costs;
- centralize all of your purchases;
- consult your purchase orders and follow the balance of your account directly (applicable only for orders placed via the AFNOR Editions online store);
- authorize one or more people from your company to order via the Standards and Publishing Products Account.

How to open your Standards and Publishing Products Account?

By returning duly completed and signed the form downloadable here , accompanied by a check or transfer, made out to AFNOR addressed to:

AFNOR Editions
Commercial Department
11, rue Francis de Pressensé

Minimum amount for opening a Standards and Publishing Products Account: € 1,000
Minimum restocking amount: € 500

AFNOR opens your Standards and Publishing Products Account within 48 working hours upon receipt of your payment and send you a confirmation email.
Your customer code and password are sent to you for a first order.

How to use your Standards and Publishing Products Account?

In the AFNOR Editions online store (, once identified, the balance of your Standards and Publishing Products Account is indicated to you in the "Online Account" section of your personal space. After each order, you receive an invoice which is deemed to have been paid.
If the amount of your order exceeds the balance of your Standards and Publishing Products Account, you will be invited to replenish it to confirm your order.
At any time, you can declare from your personal space one or more other users.

A "Reporting" module is also available in your personal space. You will find all the orders placed there as well as the e-mail of the person who placed the order.

If you made the request at the opening of the Standards and Publishing Products Account, your orders placed by post, e-mail, fax, may be charged to this.

Copyright issues

Do I have the right to email the standard I purchased to my colleagues / clients?

No, AFNOR authorizes a reproduction of the standard only for the natural person who purchased it, for its own use and for a non-commercial purpose.
It is strictly prohibited to send the purchased standard by electronic message for distribution to third parties (suppliers, subcontractors, customers, colleagues, etc.).
Whatever the function used “Attachments”, “Reply to a message” (Reply) or “Forward a message” (Forward), there is an infringement of AFNOR's exclusive reproduction right.

Do I have the right to save the purchased standard on my computer's hard drive?

Purchasing standards in the form of PDF files allows you to download and store a copy on your personal computing device. No other reproduction or publication on the Internet of the entire standard or part of it is authorized by AFNOR.

Do I have the right to copy / reproduce an extract from the standard that I purchased?

• For internal and personal use, AFNOR authorizes the use of an extract from the standard provided that the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated.

• For commercial use: the copying of extracts of standards is authorized by AFNOR for commercial use in return for the payment of a royalty based on copyright. AFNOR, in its capacity as author, has the exclusive right to exploit the standards in any form whatsoever (Article L. 123-1 of the Intellectual Property Code).

This request must be formalized via this form
To find out the financial terms, you can consult the general conditions of sale.

Do I have the right to share a standard on the internal network of my company?

• Storing and networking electronic copies of standards on the internal network of the company for internal use and sharing between employees is possible, if you have paid the sharing rights associated with the standard with AFNOR.
To obtain additional rights, you can request it by filling out the form below:

• In the event of the purchase of a standard at a simple price, without associated sharing, you are not authorized by AFNOR to store and network electronic copies of the standard on your company's internal network. The standard then remains limited to personal use, without dissemination, reproduction or representation possible with third parties.

Do I have the right to photocopy / print / scan the standard I purchased?

AFNOR authorizes a reproduction of the standard only for the natural person who bought it, for its own use and for a non-commercial purpose.
It is therefore strictly forbidden to photocopy or print the standard purchased for distribution to third parties (suppliers, subcontractors, customers, colleagues, etc.).

What are the risks I run in the event of copyright infringement?

Any infringement: reproduction, disclosure, dissemination or any act of use of a standard and / or a normative document not authorized by AFNOR constitutes an infringement. Copyright infringements are penalized (art. L. 335-1 to L. 335-10 of the Intellectual Property Code), the offense of counterfeiting is punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and 3 years imprisonment.

AFNOR reserves the right to take any action, including legal, that it deems necessary in the context of an infringement of its rights.

Do I have the right to feed/transmit to an artificial intelligence the content, in part or in whole, of the standard that I purchased ?

No, AFNOR does not authorize the absorption of its intellectual property by so-called “public” artificial intelligence.

More specifically, AFNOR expressly opposes the integration, transmission, absorption in any way whatsoever into artificial intelligence engines or algorithms, of data, whatever their form (content, pages, books, standards, metadata, etc.):
• for which it holds the intellectual property rights
• for which it has distribution rights AFNOR therefore opposes any harvesting operation, text and data mining (within the meaning of article L. 122-5-3 of the intellectual property code), enrichment, derivative creation, related to this data, including by automated data collection or artificial intelligence devices, which would therefore constitute acts of counterfeiting, unless specific agreement formally expressed on the part of by AFNOR.

Types of discounts

Promo code

The promo codes are available for certain references and for a limited time.
You can find them on websites dedicated to this type of reduction, as well as in our promotional campaigns (email, newsletter, mail, etc.). You just need to enter them in the corresponding basket field "Promo code", then click on "RECALCULATE" to get your new rate.

Category discount

This type of discount can be granted to you according to commercial conditions predefined with AFNOR on certain categories of products. Find them if necessary in the "My Benefits" section of your customer area.

Payment method

Payment by credit card

The bank cards retained by AFNOR for the payment of your order are to date: VISA, MASTERCARD and EUROCARD.

You choose the type of card when you have opted to pay by bank card.
AFNOR retained the SIPS system of ATOS ORIGIN to validate payments by bank card.
Payment by credit card is secure and protected by the SSL protocol. It thus protects the personal data of your card exchanged during the verification transaction.
The verification relates to the validity of the card: card not stolen and card not expired, as well as the authorization to debit the account of the card holder of the amount of your order.
In case of validation of the verification transaction, you must return to the AFNOR Boutique to take delivery of your documents in electronic format.
If the verification transaction is not validated, you receive an error message indicating the nature of the problem. In this case, your order is not confirmed. If necessary, contact the AFNOR Boutique using the form. You are then invited to return to the sales area of ​​the AFNOR Boutique.

Payment by check

Payment is made by check or bank transfer upon receipt of invoice.
An invoice is issued for each order placed in the AFNOR boutique.
In the event of multiple deliveries, due to supply problems, a single invoice is issued with the first shipment and each delivery is accompanied by a delivery slip.
AFNOR's bank details for the transfer are:

HSBC Bank Bank
code: 30056
Bank code: 00092
Account number: 00922000180
RIB key: 13

Checks should be sent to: AFNOR 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis Cedex- France

Payment by account Standards and Publishing Products

Payment by Standards and Publishing Products account is reserved for the administrator responsible for the account in the company and / or for persons declared and authorized to place orders.
If your company benefits from this payment method, we invite you to contact the administrator who will communicate the rights of access to your company's online account and the procedure to follow to place an order.
AFNOR éditions can give you its name, on request by email.
The account administrator has the option of viewing the transaction history on the account.
The account balance is displayed before and after the current order.
If your account balance reaches 100 €, you are invited to replenish it.
For the management of the online account: its opening, its supply and the advantages which are linked to it, consult the "online account" section of the FAQ.
Please note: an invoice is issued by AFNOR for each order, even if the order is paid for in your standards and publishing products account. The invoice then mentions the payment on the account and the net to be paid is calculated according to the account balance when the invoice is issued.

Mandatory application standards

How can I view the mandatory standards?

The mandatory standards can be consulted free of charge in most AFNOR delegations, CCIs and from the AFNOR Editions store on the online page of the standard concerned.

How can I view the mandatory application standards on the AFNOR Éditions store?

The system for consulting the standards of compulsory application on the AFNOR Éditions store uses the FileOpen technical solution.
To be able to consult a standard in this format, your workstation must be equipped with the FileOpen plug-in.
If you do not have the plug-in, or if you are not sure of having it then click HERE to start the installation, the operation will take only a few moments.
Also note that to consult the requested standard, you must first identify yourself on the AFNOR Éditions store.

Why aren't mandatory standards downloadable for free?

Mandatory standards are subject, like all standards, to copyright.
The sale of standards makes it possible to finance the development work, as well as the investments linked to their publication (approval, layout, archiving, distribution, etc.). Without this, the French normative system (but also European and international) could not exist.
By purchasing a standard, you are helping to perpetuate this model, which is regularly valued by professionals and government bodies.

Standardization reminders

ICS Classification (International Classification for Standards)

Click HERE to view the list of ICS codes.

Additives to standards

To be in possession of the complete standard you must in certain cases obtain the basic standard as well as its additive. The text of the addendum is useless without the basic standard.
The technical content of the additives is not systematically incorporated into the text of the standard, and this choice is made by the standardization committee in charge of the field.

Can we order an NF EN ISO standard instead of an ISO standard?

Absolutely, most of the French standards from international sectors, fully reproduce the international ISO standards that they use.
To be sure, see the "Correspondence" paragraph on the first page of a standard. We remind you that on the product sheets of French standards you can preview a free extract of the standard in HTML format, including the first page.

What is the difference between an NF, NF ISO, NF EN ISO standard?

NF: French standard
NF EN: French standard from European
industries NF ISO: French standard from international
industries NF EN ISO: French standard from International and then European industries. In other words, it is an international standard which has been adopted at European level and then at French level.

If I buy a standard, am I certified?

No. It is important to distinguish standardization and certification.
The certification of a company requires an audit carried out by a certification body.
To validate this audit, it is essential to comply with the requirements of the standard relating to the certification that one wishes to obtain. So it is necessary to buy the standard in order to know its content and specifics.

Find a product

Type a keyword or reference in the search field at the top, then click on the magnifying glass to start the search. You will obtain the most relevant results by category: Standards, Books, Collections, which you can filter with the left bar "Refine by".

Security of transactions

Security protocol used?

In the AFNOR Boutique, payment by credit card is secured by the SSL protocol.
Electronic transactions are therefore secure thanks to the use of this protocol. All the information you enter is encrypted.
In addition, our provider for secure payment does not store the data you enter.
You can therefore make your payment by credit card with confidence.

Use of your personal data

Personal information that you enter in "Your profile", such as your interests, is only used if you have authorized us to send you information related to these interests. At any time, you can modify your personal information or delete your profile.
The information you provide as part of an order is confidential and is never communicated, sold or rented to a third party.

In accordance with article 34 of the law n ° 78-17 Computing and Freedom of 06/01/78, we guarantee you a right of access, modification and deletion of the data which concern you. To exercise this right or in case you do not wish to be contacted, write to AFNOR, for the attention of the Information System Manager, 11 avenue Francis de Pressensé, 93571, Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex, specifying your name , first name and address.