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Popular standards
NF EN ISO 9001
October 2015
Standard in force
Quality management systems - Requirements
NF EN ISO 19011
July 2018
Standard in force
Guidelines for auditing management systems
NF EN ISO 14001
October 2015
Standard in force
Environmental management systems - Requirements and guidance for their use
NF ISO 26000
November 2010
Standard in force
Social responsibility guidelines
NF EN ISO 50001
August 2018
Standard in force
Energy management systems - Requirements and recommendations for implementation
NF EN ISO 22000
June 2018
Standard in force
Food safety management systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain
Standard in force
Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for information security management
NF P03-001
October 2017
Standard in force
Private contracts - Standard specifications - General administrative clauses applicable to building work subject to private contracts
Standard in force
Low voltage electrical installations - Compiled version of standard NF C15-100
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AFNOR Editions develops many services and tools in order to help you understand and decipher the standards in order to facilitate their implementation.

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The requirements

The Requirements service helps you quickly identify within the normative text the mandatory clauses to be satisfied and clauses which are not essential but useful for know, such as permissions or recommendations.

The RedLines

The Redline + service - comparator of standards allows you to easily identify and simply the major changes between the current standard and its last canceled version.