International and foreign standards

Foreign and international standards are technical standards elaborated by international standards body or others countries. You will find on the AFNOR Publishing website these collections which can allow you to access new foreign markets, and ensure the development and the sustainability of your company.

Expand your activity abroad!

AFNOR Publishing ensures the distribution of technical standards of collections worldwide. If your activity is oriented internationally, to the export, or if you want to start abroad, we have the standards you need:

The international standards that allow product manufacturing accepted everywhere and access to different international markets

The foreign standards which contain technical specifications to adapt and place on the market products, services or materials in the targeted countries

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International collections
International Organization for Standardization

Discover the key ISO standards distributed by AFNOR

IEC - international electrotechnical commission

Discover the key IEC standards distributed by AFNOR

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

Discover the key ASTM standards distributed by AFNOR

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Discover the flagship ASME standards distributed by AFNOR

SAE - International, Society of Automotive Engineers

Discover the key SAE standards distributed by AFNOR

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Discover the key IEEE standards distributed by AFNOR

BSI – British Standards Institution

Discover the BSI key standards distributed by AFNOR

DIN - German Institute for Standardization

Discover the key DIN standards distributed by AFNOR

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Afnor Publishing distributes collections from all over the world: Canada, Brazil, Spain, China, …

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