NF E05-051

NF E05-051

September 1981
Standard Cancelled

Surface texture. Measurement devices. Roughness comparison specimens.

Main informations


National standards and national normative documents

Publication date

September 1981

Number of pages

8 p.


NF E05-051

ICS Codes

17.040.20   Properties of surfaces

Classification index


Print number

1 - 01/08/1982

International kinship

ISO 2632-1:1985
Replaced standards (1)
NF E05-051
November 1972
Standard Cancelled
Surface texture. Measuring equipment. Visio-tactile comparison specimen.

Standard replaced by (1)
FD E05-051
May 2008
Published document Cancelled
Surface texture - Measurement devices - Roughness comparision specimens

Le présent document s'applique aux échantillons de comparaison viso-tactile ; il indique leur fonction, les caractérise et présente leur utilisation pratique.

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