NF ISO 10190

NF ISO 10190

December 1993
Standard Cancelled

Motor cycle chains. Characteristics and test methods.

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Main informations


National standards and national normative documents

Publication date

December 1993

Number of pages

7 p.


NF ISO 10190

ICS Codes

43.140   Motorcycles and mopeds

Classification index


Print number

1 - 01/11/1993

International kinship

ISO 10190:1992
Standard replaced by (1)
NF ISO 10190
August 2008
Standard Current
Motorcycle chains - Characteristics and test methods

<p>ISO 10190:2008 specifies the dimensions and mechanical properties of roller and bush chains (together with details of associated chain sprockets), in the range 6,35 mm to 19,05 mm pitch, for use in motorcycle applications. These chains are suitable for external drives (e.g. rear drives). </p> <p>ISO 10190:2008 covers dimensions, tolerances, length measurement, preloading, minimum tensile strength and minimum dynamic strength.</p>

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